About Bassam Helal

I'm a software developer with a strong passion for building maintainable, well-tested and performant software.

I am confident with Java, C, Kotlin and TypeScript. I am less confident with C++ and bash but have enough experience to figure things out along the way.

My software interests mainly lie in low-level high performance (low latency) software but my experience is mostly with higher level software.

I use GNU/Linux on my personal computer. I have a preference for Debian GNU/Linux but all GNU/Linuxes are not too different from each other.

I have a strong interest in languages, particularly etymology, phonology and morphology. I know English and Classical Arabic fluently and am currently learning Classical Persian and have some experience with literary Ottoman Turkish.

I deeply enjoy active listening to music, particularly Classical Ottoman Music, but I believe all music has some inherent beauty and value.

This website is simply an archive and log of my ideas, mostly for myself to read (and cringe at) in the future.

This website is written entirely in hand-written HTML, CSS and minimal JavaScript. I hate web frameworks (and web development in general).