Bassam Helal

Technical Skills

Advanced proficiency in Java and Kotlin for the JVM platform

Advanced proficiency in C for Systems Programming (including Embedded Systems)

Advanced proficiency using GNU/Linux and command line programs

Advanced proficiency in TypeScript for Node.js

Advanced proficiency in software-testing strategies and philosophies

Basic proficiency in C++

Basic proficiency in x86 Assembly

Basic proficiency in Rust

Technical Experience

Extensive experience using libffi for Java to native interoperability

Extensive experience building library APIs

Extensive experience with command line programs on GNU/Linux

Extensive experience developing and maintaining software test-suites

Extensive experience with Object-Oriented and Functional Programming principles

Moderate experience developing low latency software (Java and C)

Moderate experience in software performance optimization (Java and C)

Moderate experience with JNI (JVM to C interoperability)

Moderate experience with Embedded Systems (ESP32, Raspberry Pi Pico)

Soft Skills

Strong drive to build maintainable, well-tested, performant software

Deep passion for learning new concepts and ideas (not just in software)

Strong proficiency in reading and writing technical documentation

Strong presentation skills even for complex topics

Native fluency in English and Arabic, learner proficiency in literary Persian


MSc. Advanced Software Technology (Swansea University, 2020): Merit, Distinction Dissertation

BSc. Software Engineering (Swansea University, 2019): First Class


My prime technical interest is in low level programming for resource constrained and/or high performance environments, typically in C on a Unix (or POSIX).

I am a passionate advocate for Free (as in Freedom) software, I use Debian GNU/Linux as my daily operating system.

I enjoy exploring and listening to a wide range of music from across the world, I play the keyboard and Qanun.

I enjoy learning about language etymology and morphology, I am currently learning Classical Persian.